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Title: Cold Nights.
Fandom: SHINee
Pairing: TaeMinho
Raiting: R (Dear god, please, forgive me)
Genre: fluff, love story, okay, pwp *^^*
Warnings: MINOR!! Slash xDD WAFF, self-beta-ed
Disclaimer: I don't own Taemin. Minho does =P I don't own Minho either. I just write stupid stuff xD
Summary: Ignoring Taemin may be very dangerous... for one's sanity =P
Comments: I’m sorry, as usually it didn’t turn out as I expected. Not so much for the characters... but still did my best with this stupid idea. xDD Sorry, I know it’s clichéd but I didn’t seem to find any other plot.

Taemin’s day sucked utterly since early morning.
First: he slipped in the bathroom and hurt his knee. It’s not like he could tell anyone, if the manager found out he would scold him for being so careless.
Second: they ran out of his favorite cereal and he had to eat Key’s crappy cornflakes for breakfast.
Third: nobody paid any attention to him.
Fourth: still nobody is paying any attention to him!!

Taemin groans and wishes he could go back to the previous evening.
Then he didn’t feel so worthless!
The night was cold and Taemin was soon freezing in his thin pajamas under a thin blanket. And to crown it all the AC was working like it was about to blow the covers from the two beds placed at the opposite walls of the small room.
At first he tried to wrap himself tightly in the blanket and fall asleep, he really didn’t see what else he could do without disturbing Minho who he shared the room with. But the cold became too much to handle and Taemin sobbed rolling up into a tight knot on his bed.
“Taemin-ah?” came a sleepy voice from the other bed.
The younger froze in place.
“Why aren’t you sleeping?”
Realizing that he’d already waken his hyung Taemin let himself complain.
“I’m cold. Oh, hyung, I’m so sorry, but it’s so cold!”
“Whazze problem?” the other yawned. “Put on something warm.”
“I don’t have anything warm here,” there were tears in the younger’s eyes, even though Minho couldn’t see them, he could still hear.
“Okay,” he said now a bit worried. “Then...Come sleep with me? Take your blanket, too.”
So Taemin sheepishly crawled in Minho’s bed dragging his blanket with him.
The older boy fell asleep as soon as he finished arranging the blankets and hugged Taemin like a teddy bear, and the younger laid motionless against Minho thinking.
Being cold had never felt so nice before.
Due to it he could have his hyung taking care of him... Taemin likes being taken care of, that’s why he never argues with Key whose advice sometimes make the rest of SHINee want to smack him.
Minho was so nice to him letting the magnae into his bed and even hugging Taemin close to his warm body... That’s why he felt so special the night before.
But then morning came and brought all this trouble.

He sat at the table eating those crappy cornflakes when Minho came in the kitchen. Taemin beamed at him and passed him his cup, Minho took it without looking at the younger.
He was never the one for early rising and very gloomy in the morning.
“Hey, guys,” Onew looked like he didn’t get enough sleep. “Wasn’t it a bit cold at night?”
“Yep,” Taemin replied smiling. “Very-very cold!”
“What? Were you freezing? Why didn’t you tell me? What if you catch a cold?-” Key appeared in the doorframe and immediately started fussing over the magnae.
“Aaah, stop worrying, hyung! I slept with Minho hyung,” Taemin stated happily.
“Wh-what?! Choi Minho, do you have no other ways of getting into trouble? What have you done to poor Taemin? You creepy pedophile!”
Minho knitted his brows and rubbed the bridge of his nose tiredly.
“Kibum, really you’re too much. Taemin slept in my bed so we could use both blankets. If you’re really that worried about our magnae why don’t you talk to the manager about the AC? We don’t need it at night unless we’re eager to get pneumonia.”
Key frowned, but stepped away muttering something vaguely similar to “allright”. He still looked pissed though and so did Minho. Onew batted his eyelashes, not knowing what to say, like always, when Key threw a fit. Taemin gazed at his hyungs miserably. Really, why did they have to argue because of him? And Minho... Taemin didn’t mean to cause him any trouble and now hyung was in a bad mood because of him.
But then Jonghyun rushed in and Minho was suddenly all smiley and talkative, and they both started to chat animatedly completely forgetting about the magnae... And the latter suddenly felt betrayed even though he was supposed to be relieved that the atmosphere improved so much.
But that wasn’t all.

Later in the dance studio he wasn’t praised even once. That made him furious. Really, why bothering telling him he did well? He always does well. More important is to encourage Onew who’s been pretty down lately, right?
Taemin was so upset, he even ran out of the studio to cool off and punch some walls... and what do you think? Nobody noticed him being absent!

And now when today’s schedule is finished he’s still totally abandoned, because Key plays video games with Onew and JongHo are nowhere to be seen!

Taemin sighs and looks at the remote in his hand. So, in addition to all this nothing good must be on, right?
Fortunately the law of trouble doesn’t work for TV and Taemin’s soon engaged into some funny show with crazy hosts and absolutely hilarious guests. He even starts laughing, but then the door slams downstairs announcing Minho and Jonghyun’s arrival, and on hearing their happy voices Taemin’s mood immediately drops.
Being envious does no good, but he still can’t help himself. Why on Earth are they so happy without him?
Then a simple thought comes to his head and he smiles. Really, why didn’t he think about it earlier?
And the magnae waits impatiently for bedtime.

* * *

Taemin sits up in his bed about half an hour after the lights were turned off. He rustles in the blankets but doesn’t lay back down.
Minho who’s already nearing being asleep still can’t help hearing him.
“Taemin-ah? What is it? Are you cold again?”
“Um... yeah,” comes the soft reply.
“Even with the AC off, man, what’s your problem...” Minho mutters. “Okay. You can come here, I’ll warm you.”
Taemin doesn’t need to be told twice. He stands up and takes two steps in the dark to his hyung’s bed. He’s already learned that path he doesn’t even look where he steps.
Minho lifts up the covers so that the younger could slip in.
Taemin snuggles closer to the rapper and wraps his slim arms around his waist.
“Warm,” he whispers. “Um, hyung? Aren’t you afraid of Key hyung calling you a pedophile again?”
“I don’t care. I know how the things are and that’s all that matters.”
Taemin nods and presses his face into the older’s shoulder. Hyung is so nice.
“But really, you should start eating. You’re too thin, so you always get cold,” Minho sighs sliding his hands along Taemin’s sides.
The boy giggles, “That tickles!”
“Okay, now sleep.”
But again, Taemin doesn’t feel even a little bit sleepy. He chooses to stare at his hyung instead.
He can barely see Minho’s face in the dark and that makes the other so handsome... Taemin has never thought it’s possible for Minho to be any more handsome, but he surely looks so now.
“Taemin-ah?” Minho calls worriedly. The magnae stares at him with this wide-opened eyes and it’s kind of strange. Not to mention the fact that he should have been sleeping by now.
Taemin’s in the middle of studying his lips. Minho’s so manly... but his lips look so soft, almost like a girl’s.
Maybe it’s the fact that he finally has his hyung all to himself, or the fact that it’s dark, and he’s pressed against a well-defined warm body, and he’s sixteen and...
Taemin just moves forward and presses his lips to Minho’s.

Minho freezes. What is Taemin thinking? Why is he?.. But he couldn’t seem to find any strength to break the spell as the magnae moves his plush lips shyly against the rapper’s. It’s so sweet and yet so arousing... He even licks Teamin’s lower lip making the other gasp, but then Taemin opens his mouth suggestively and Minho realizes what they are doing. He pulls back and pushes the magnae off, gently but firmly.
“What are you doing?”
Silence for several moments.
“Ah... so this is how it feels without a tissue...” Taemin touches his burning cheeks.
“ You mean you’ve never..?”
“No... never...”
“Then why on Earth..?”
“Because I suddenly wanted you to be my first. Your lips looked so...”
“Taemin-ah, that sounds... inappropriate.”
The magnae blushes.
“Yeah... sort of...” then he shrugs. “Who cares.”
Minho’s still feeling kind of dizzy, the whole situation seems phantasmagoric. Taemin breaks the silence again, “Do that some more,” he whispers pressing closer to the rapper, “with your tongue. You pushed me away once I’d opened my mouth.”
He pouts.
“Gods-,” Minho begins but can’t find the strength to object as Taemin’s lips are against his again. He feels unexpected anger claiming his senses. You want this? Eat it!
He pushes forward pressing the younger into the mattress and forces his tongue into Taemin’s mouth, the latter squeaks, but doesn’t struggle letting Minho do whatever he wants.
So he does. Sliding his tongue along the magnae’s trying to get the response from him, one of his hands gripping a fistful of Taemin’s soft hair, the other on his chin so he can deepen the kiss.
Taemin’s small hands slide uncertainly up Minho’s back into his hair as he finally kisses back, getting the idea of how you do it.
Minho realizes that his fierceness does nothing to scare the younger away, more than that, the more forceful he gets, the hungrier it makes Taemin for his kisses.
Gods, what was he thinking when he started this?
He pulls back.
“We should stop,” his breathing is ragged.
“Why?!” Taemin sounds disappointed.
“You’re asking why?? You’re 16!”
Taemin rolls his eyes, “You want to say you first kissed when you were OLDER?”
Minho bites his lip, damn, the magnae has the point.
“How old were you?” Taemin demands.
“Almost sixteen,” Minho lies. That is not true. Almost fourteen would be a more correct answer. He still hopes Taemin won’t ask more questions, and he doesn’t.
“So what’s wrong about you kissing me?”
‘I’m not only kissing you,’ Minho thinks. ‘I’m almost groping you; you just haven’t realized it yet.’
“Look we’re both men, and you’re too young, and we’re supposed to sleep because we have to get up early...”
“Trying to be dignified only makes you look sexier,” Taemin cuts him.
Minho gulps.
The magnae looks at him and traces his long finger along Minho’s face. His parted lips wet with the saliva of them both, eyes half-lidded, perfect display of desire.
If Minho hoped the younger would listen to him, now he has to admit that doesn’t seem to happen.
The rapper is used to the magnae being obedient.
But Taemin learns quickly... oh so quickly. Now he knows not only how to respond to the kiss, but he’s also aware of what his lips and his pretty face, and the heat of his body do to the other.
He runs his hand down Minho’s torso, playing with the buttons of his shirt. The rapper presses his eyes closed and tries to will all the alluring thoughts out of his head, he’s already about to tell the magnae to return to his own bed, when-
“I want you to be with me,” Taemin suddenly says.
“I want you to kiss me, to hug me and to be with me and not with Jonghyun hyung. Am I egoistic for saying this?”
That is something Minho didn’t expect to hear in such situation.
“No, it’s okay,” he hushes the magnae.
“Ah, hyung, I’m so confused, but I don’t want you to leave me behind!”
“Um. Was that really affecting you so much? I’m sorry, Taemin’ah... but... that’s not really the right way to make better friends with someone, don’t you think? You didn’t have to kiss me.”
“Stop lecturing me... I didn’t plan this! But suddenly... I just wanted to! Ah, whatever, hyung... even if you continue ignoring me from now on... you still have to kiss me now!” Taemin sticks out his tongue playfully.
“What? Why?” Minho asks bewildered.
“Because you’re as aroused as I am,” again this teasing tongue. Minho rolls his eyes and gives in to the temptation to bite it slightly. Just so the younger knows how to behave. But that just leads to another sloppy kiss and Minho almost seeing black with desire.
“Ah, hyung...” Taemin whispers and presses closer to the rapper.
Minho feels the boy’s arousal against his hip and his hands are sliding under the T-shirt Taemin’s wearing on their own. He’s about to lose control over the situation. And Taemin’s only making it worse as he whispers again; hot breath against the sensitive skin of the older’s neck,
Minho’s panting, but he manages to make out a proper sentence.
“NO WAY. You’re underaged for god’s sake! I’m not taking your virginity, don’t even ASK.”
“Ah... hyung, and what if I beg?”

* * *

“Were you cold today?” Key asks carefully in the morning, wrapping his arms around Taemin protectively. The boy stiffs.
“Ah, no, hyung,” he replies cheerfully. But that doesn’t work to fool the umma.
“What? You look tense. Did this pervert come on you again? Minho!”
“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” Minho mutters.
Key stares at him surprised as Taemin tries to hide his burning cheeks, tilting his head lowly over his bowl of cereal.


P.S. Yeah, here I go again posting rated stuff about Taemin -_- Let the Hell welcome me -_- I'm SO ashamed of myself.
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