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Title: Pieces of life.
Fandom: SHINee
Pairing: JongKey (friendship), 2Min
Raiting: pg-13 (for 2Min)
Genre: fluff, WAFFWP =))
Warnings: Minor (for Taemin being 16 =P)
Disclaimer: SHINee belong to themselves. (I hope they’re not sold completely to the SME -_-) I own nothing, I just make guesses.
Summary: A bunch of JongKey-centered drabbles.
Comments: These keep coming to my head... so I just write these down.

Jonghyun turned on his back and stared at the ceiling.
Seriously, how was he supposed to sleep like this? Loud sighs, giggles and muffled moans could be heard from Minho’s bunk; they filled the room and made the atmosphere quite inappropriate for his beauty sleep.
Jonghyun sort of pitied the two youngest of the group – you just cannot have any private life if all five members share the same room and they couldn’t use the living room either, since the manager could see them there... but he wanted to sleep, dammit!
He sighed deeply, turning on his side.
“What is it, Jjong?” Key asked from his bunk. Almighty Key didn’t care if 2Min were going at it the whole night, but he could tell when Jonghyun was awake and then he couldn’t sleep as well.
“Are you kidding? Don’t you hear, Kibum?”
“I do. Try to think of something else. Look at Onew hyung. He’s on the next bed and doesn’t even give a damn,” Key chuckled.
“I’ve always been a shallow sleeper.”
“I know,” Key sighed. “I know, Jonghyun.”
Jonghyun smiled and pulled his blanket to cover his head. Needless to say that even though the top bunk occupants didn’t say anything directly to either of the youngest, Taemin and Minho fell absolutely silent except accident rustle of the bed sheets and non-audible whispers.
That was quite acceptable. Jonghyun finally drifted to deep slumber.

Once the camera is off, Taemin turns to Key and swats the latter’s hand off his head.
“Hyung, stop!”
Key looks offended.
“You don’t like me fixing your hair?”
“Yep. It’s perfect already!” Taemin scowls. (‘And Minho hyung doesn’t look amused when you do it,’ he thinks)
“There’s no such thing as perfection,” Key moves on the floor closer to Jonghyun and carefully brushes blonde locks. They’re almost hard with hair spray but still flexible.
“Then you don’t hate it, hyung, do you?”
“Nope,” Jonghyun shrugs, pretending to be still deep in the content of one of Yoogeun’s books.
He loves when somebody messes with his hair. It’s not like he’s gonna tell Kibum about it though.

Key stands in the doorframe of the dance studio, arms crossed on his chest. Jonghyun is alone there swiftly going through the latest dance-routine; he keeps saying he has problems with the order of moves, so he uses the opportunity to revise it.
Jonghyun turns on his heels and catches the glimpse of Kibum in the mirror. He stops and turns to face the other boy. Face glistering with sweat, shy smile on his lips like he was caught doing something inappropriate.
Key steps in and throws a towel at his hyung.
“Been here for long?” Jonghyun asks, face already buried in the towel.
“For some time. I wanted to make a joke about your dancing.”
“Go on,” Jonghyun’s grin is mischievous as he hangs the towel on his neck. He’s in a playful mood, he’ll take the teasing
“When we first met you didn’t dance. Like AT ALL. Hadn’t even tried. And I could pick on you all I wanted.”
“Aish! I can’t do it now! I have nothing to say! It’s frustrating!!” Key growls rubbing his face with both of his hands and slides to the floor. Jonghyun laughs and stretches his hand out to get his water bottle.
Key suddenly springs to his feet.
“By the way, I learned another dance! Kara’s this time!”
Jonghyun rolls his eyes.
“Again~... Key, you’re hopeless.
Which one?? Show me! Show mee~!”

Jonghyun tried to keep smiling though he felt like closing his eyes, for the floodlights were too bright and were directed right on them. It was difficult to see anything leave alone concentrating on conversation. What country that was, again? Thailand?
“... Now you, Jonghyun-ssi.”
“Ah, seems like Jonghyun-ssi was spacing out a bit. A task is to do a sexy pose.”
Jonghyun surpassed a scowl. Again? Well, at least not aegyeo...
He decided on the first thing to come into his head – a mouth-wiping move.
The fangirls screamed. Kibum laughed loudly with open mouth like he usually did when found something hilarious.
“What is it, Key-ssi?”
“It just looks so weird! Almost disgusting.”
Everyone laughed. Jonghyun just shrugged.
After the recording they were supposed to shake hands with the fans. In a small pause between two groups of them Key turned to Jonghyun.
“You look down. Where’s your BlingBling-ness?”
“Gone, I guess.”
“You’re supposed to be a professional, get it back.”
“I’m not a professional, I can’t even do a sexy pose,” Jonghyun retorted.
Key looked at him seriously.
“Don’t worry, Jonghyun hyung. You’re very sexy. It’s not like you need to prove it”
Jonghyun snorted and turned away to hide his red cheeks.

Jinki is crouching in front of the DVD-player.
Jonghyun plops on the couch not believing himself – they are actually going to watch a movie!
Their schedule for today let them have some extra hours in the dorm before going to bed.
What a rare occasion! And they ALL are in. Even rarer.
Taemin makes himself comfortable in Minho’s lap.
He looks so adorable in his light blue pajamas that Minho doesn’t resist the temptation to kiss him.
Jonghyun rolls his eyes and moves as far away from the couple as the couch allows.
“Jinki hyung, can we NOT turn the lights off, pleeeease~?”
Key hides his smirk, pretending to yawn and covers his mouth with his hand. He sits near Jonghyun and the latter immediately wraps his hand around Kibum’s waist.
Taemin pouts.
“That would be no fun!”
“Oh, you two are sure to have a LOT of fun anyway.”
Key ignores the mutual picking and leans his head on Jonghyun’s shoulder.
“Hyung, hurry~~” he whines at Jinki.
Onew scratches the back of his head.
“It should be running alre– ah!” he presses the button on the TV-set, the screen brightens.
Kibum giggles and moves closer to Jonghyun to make some space for the leader.
Taemin keeps his lazy quarrel with Jonghyun and sticks his tongue at him (he’s always so bold when in Monho’s protective arms).
“You’re just envious, since I have a lover!”
Kibum’s head slightly shifts on Jonghyun’s shoulder. What? Does he fear that Jonghyun will start arguing? Jonghyun smiles and brushes a strand of hair off Key’s eyes affectionately as he replies.
“No. I’m not envious. I have everything I desire.”

That's all for now.
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