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When Reality Strikes

Title: When Reality Strikes
Fandom: SHINee
Pairing: try guessing?
Raiting: pg
Genre: drabble
Warnings: not suitable for het-haters like myself xDD
Disclaimer: SHINee belong to themselves. (I hope they’re not sold completely to the SME -_-) I own nothing, I just make guesses.
Summary: Key has a new show progressing where he has to deal with Irang. Irang is his cooking teacher, but she's a girl first of all =P
Comments: I wrote it for maylo7 because she was NOT amused with Key+Irang pairing ^^

When Irang was told she was to appear on TV as a cooking teacher, she was happy... before they told her WHO she was supposed to teach. SHINee Key.
“Oh you could’ve as well just shot me!” she exclaimed, making wide eyes at Chef Kim.
The old man just shrugged.
“You’ve got guts, girl. You’ll be able to show some spoilt kid his place.”

When they first met, there were two things that struck her – how perfect he looked and how girly he acted. She saw him on TV, sure, but in real life... it was different. More prominent.
The way he was dressed, the way his hair was made, even the simple accessories he wore, everything seemed right.
The way he smiled, the way he squinted, his gestures... those were more the manners of a woman which knew how to make people fall for her.
...And he refused to speak formally! That really made Irang angry. He was three years younger, for god’s sake! And he was her student! And still tried to treat her like an annoying little sister!
Irang decided that she hated him. Completely.

As they were looking through cooking magazines in search of a salad to cook, Irang tried to regain her dignity, to make him speak to her politely... damn! That fox knew how to change subject! She found herself almost respecting him for how easily he dodged her attacks. Well, she wasn’t skilled with words; knife was more of her tool. But it’s not like Irang could cut the boy to make him respect her, right?
She somehow managed to get things her way, but, god, you should’ve heard that “polite” language of his. How he managed to sound so bossy using formal speech remained an unsolved mystery to her.

Irang was looking forward to starting their lessons, because that meant she would be able to order him around.
Or so she wished.
And of course that was not to happen.
He kept being late, he kept making her do all the work and getting away with his cute smile, he kept batting his eyelashes and being mean, but in his own flirtatious way.
And the worst thing was that Irang found herself responding: smiling, answering the questions she needed to ignore to stay cool, and letting him twist her around.
Being a strict teacher would be much easier if she had to deal with a bitchy girl, and not with a mean but very attractive boy.
Key was just the type, one can’t be angry with for long.

Irang took to him too much.
His habit of constantly grabbing her hand made her nervous; she sometimes forgot all the things she was saying once Key looked at her with his bright eyes; the way he seemed to find fun in playing with her name should’ve made her angry and NOT all warm inside. And once when he suddenly hugged her (after he succeeded in making some difficult dish) Irang found herself shuddering violently and completely losing her mind at the faint smell of cinnamon coming from his skin.
She kept telling herself that a man who’s not even able to cut meat without squeaking is disgusting. But damn he was so shiny it hurt her eyes!

They exchanged phone numbers yet during the filming of the first episode, Key made it look absolutely natural; and so Irang found herself looking at the screen of her cell-phone with his number twinkling teasingly on it, wanting to call him. So badly. She had nothing to tell him though. That was the only thing that stopped her.
Key was the first to call. Asked something about the next recording, made some stupid joke about “Have you been eating properly? Oh, sorry, how could I forget!”... Irang had difficulties breathing while answering and even got him worried (“Are you okay there? Is it the wrong time for me to call?”), and after he hang up, she sat for the whole hour looking at her phone still not believing and smiling like a total fool.

Key was progressing as a cook, everyone could tell, even Chef Kim.
That reminded Irang that the reality wasn’t eternal; it would have to end one day... and what would she do then? Without his constant picking and smiling face, the elegant twist of his fingers with which he brushed an annoying bang out of his eyes... how to live not having him around?
Irang decided she had to talk to him. Maybe... just maybe he felt the same way. He was pretty nice to her, in the end (in his own way, of course), and she thought they could be even considered friends... and it’s not an easy thing for idols to make friends, is it?

Maybe they could go eat somewhere together, why not? It’s common between friends, right?
And then she may be able to tell him... Yep, it was decided! After that episode is finished she was going to ask him out!

“Em, Kibum...”
“Yes,” the boy turned to her.
“I... actually I wanted to talk so I was wondering if...”
Key rose one eyebrow curiously waiting for her to continue, but suddenly-

“Key! Ready?” the manager’s voice cut through the muffled sounds of set being disassembled.
He came to pick Key up after his filming, and brought Jonghyun with him since the other boy’s schedule ended earlier and they were to head home after they get Kibum.
Key’s face brightened as he saw Jonghyun stumbling after the manager.
“Jjong~,” he murmured, immediately sliding towards his hyung and wrapping his hands around him in a swift fluid motion.
Jonghyun’s face was tired, but his smile was blinding, as he hugged Kibum.
“How was the shooting?”
“Ah, troublesome, as usual,” the playful notes in his voice were unlike usual.

It struck Irang how different Key became around Jonghyun.
Now he was all graceful movements, purring voice and lidded eyes.
And he didn’t speak to Jonghyun formally either.
He didn’t seem to notice anything around him and though they barely exchanged a few words they kept giggling to each other.
They were about to leave when Key suddenly remembered that they were interrupted and turned to Irang.
“Sorry. You didn’t get to finish what you were saying? What was it?”

“N-nevermind,” she answered watching Jonghyun’s hand slip into Kibum’s back pocket. “It wasn’t important.”

The reality wasn’t eternal, indeed.

P.S. (I understand there was almost NO JongKey, so here is a small bonus ^_~)
The moment the door had closed after them Jonghyun pressed Key against the wall and the latter mewled.
“That girl...” Jonghyun’s breath was hot against Kibum’s neck and it made it hard for him to concentrate on Jonghyun’ words. “Tell her, if she keeps looking at you like that, I’ll strangle her!”
Key sighed, gently prying Jonghyun off himself, “You can’t do it, you don’t strangle girls, did you forget? You like them.”
“Yeah. Whatever, I’m fucking serious, Key.”
“Jjong, move, what got into you? What if kids?-..”
“Nobody’s home yet.”
“What?” Key looked at his hyung like he was the most stupid thing ever. “And we’re wasting our precious time talking about girls and other insignificant stuff? Seriously, Jonghyun.”
The latter laughed and dragged Key into the bedroom.
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Spot for maylo7, of course *)
i have my only special JK fic writter kekeke xPPP

n what should i say bout ^^poor^^ Irang? LOOOOOOOSEEEEEEEERRRRRR!!!! xDDD
do u have perfect jaw line? these puppy eyes? this voice? this BODY? no? then go to hell. in huuuuuuuge steps xDDD
Yep, you surely have one ^^

You forgot adout LEGS, and orgasmic VOICE! XP~~~
i just decided to write "BODY" in whole coz i just didn't remember all the english words for all the parts i was going to mention xD
n yeah voice must have been orgasmic, it's my awful fatal mistake.
LOL. Key can only be tame by Jjong :3

Poor Irang though D: Key is too obsess with Jonghyun(which is a good thing cuz JongKey is just that awesome.)

Oh right you are, Key is Jonghyun's and there's nothing to be done about it %)

Thanks for reading and commenting!^^
lmao, u go girl! you cut her down to size. so cute :3
yes, we don't need no other girls around our Key :D
Yeah, what girls around Key? Seriously? xDDD He's a fine lady himself xDD And this lady is already taken *grins*

Thank you for your comment *bows*
I'm out of words. The bonus part made of awesomeness. fucking loved it but I ant more Jongkey
Thank you for reading ^^
ahhh. who's Irang? ^^

♥ Key. :D

oooou, and the JongKey part in the end was my favourite scene. xP

I want more JongKey too, please~ ^^
who's Irang?
ahaha, this is exactly what I asked as I saw her being paired up with Key for the first time *)))
Key's now starring in a show "Raising Idol", where he studies cooking, right? And Irang is the girl that teaches him *)

I'm sure to write more JongKey, anyway, it's my OTP, I have to write them from time to time to survive xDD

Thanks for redaing!
ahh. XD I haven't watched that yet. ^^ *bricks self*


anyways. I'm looking forward to your JongKey fic! :D

They're my otp too. ^^

np at all. :3
Protective Jjong. XD
Nice as always <3
Jjong doesn't have to be protective, it's ovbious that Key's his *___________*
Thanks ^__________________^
The bonus made it all. *eyebrows*
I knew your dirty mind! xDD Here I go trying to do a psychological investigation and you only like preverted things =P
... well, I myself ONLY like the bonus xDDD

Thank you for reading, dear *hugs*
Me?! Dirty mind?! NO WAY! XD
And yeah, look who's talking ^_~

The whole thing is good too, but I felt sorry for poor girl from the very beginning of the show, so nothing new for me here... ^_______^
I don't feel sorry for her. She likes Key, it's easy to see, and she especially likes the way he keeps picking on her xD They're soo worth each other. xD She likes him and she'll be able to spend some time with him. She's lucky, nothing to be sorry for ^^
May be you are right. ^^