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Title: Backstage pass
Fandom: SHINee
Pairing: 2Min
Raiting: PG-15
Genre: emm, PWP?
Warnings: Minor
Disclaimer: Choi Minho is in the possession of Choi Minho ^^ So is Lee Taemin xD I own nothing, I just make guesses.
Summary: I’m telling you Taemin was irresistible at Love Concert!
Comments: I showed this gif to hagane_chan and she demanded a fic based on this Love Concert fancam ^^ I planned to make up a short drabble... but it ended up a little longer than planned xDD

Minho frowned and brought his hand up to wipe sweat off his forehead. Key was saying something and fans welcomed his every sentence with loud screaming, but the meaning didn’t reach Minho’s tired mind. Seriously, was this thing endless? Spotlights were blinding and all five of them kept blinking and winding their heads, trying to get rid of the uncomfortable sensation.
The flashlights of numerous cameras directed on them were only adding to this torture.
Fans kept taking pictures.
Well, if they filmed Taemin they could as well sell it as homemade porn.
Minho buried his face in his hands for a moment trying to get the image out of his mind. A minute ago he managed to do it concentrating on all the unpleasant sensations – the blinding light, the disgusting feeling of damp clothes clinging to his body, the exhaustion taking over him. But now the thoughts were back in all their intensity.
For once Minho was glad that Key stood between him and the magnae, otherwise his suffering could be much worse. But even so he could bet he felt the heat evolving from Taemin’s body and hear his hard breathing.
Maybe he was paranoid already.

Taemin’s dancing always got Minho hypnotized, but he learned to concentrate on the performance and not on watching Taemin.
Though this time he somehow couldn’t tear his eyes off the magnae.
The younger was all smooth movements, sharp angles, sexy body rolls and flying hands accompanied by a provocative flash of skin as he raised them.
Damn pants hugging his hips too tightly, damn shirt riding up with each careless movement, damn all small drops of sweat sliding teasingly from his face down to his neck

During the first part of their performance Minho’s thoughts were far from innocent. More about ripping some striped shirt apart and tearing some shiny material off some long legs and having those long legs on his shoul– there he nearly tripped and blushed like crazy realizing what he was thinking about.
And now standing under blinding spotlights and wiping sweat from his forehead Minho did his best not to let those thoughts return... not like it could be controlled.

The last song just HAD to be Jojo and Jonghyun just HAD to pull his little trick with touching Taemin’s neck.
Minho seriously felt like biting his hyung’s hand off, he even made a slightest movement towards Jonghyun when fangirls’ screams reached his ears and he remembered where he was.
On stage.
And that was just fanservice.
It meant nothing.
But Jonghyun still touched Minho’s Taemin. And the smile the younger gave him made Minho’s vision blur with jealousy.
His eyes kept following Taemin as the latter easily and gracefully made his way through the dance routine, moving his body, shaking his hips in those damn shiny pants!

Minho was glad they were not singing live and the microphones were off. Otherwise he doubted that even loud music could cover his ragged breathing. Needless to say he couldn’t even dream of singing, he barely managed to grab enough oxygen to keep his body moving to the rhythm.
That performance of ‘Jojo’ was the longest in Minho’s life.
But no matter how hard is the time you’re having, there’s one positive moment about it: it has to end.

As they were saying their good-byes, smiling and waving to fans, Minho could feel his self-control wearing off.
He quickly moved to Taemin and leaned to his ear.
“Enough. Go. Now,” he couldn’t resist the temptation to secretly lick off a drop of sweat running down the magnae’s neck before pushing him towards the side scene.
Taemin seemed a little dumbfounded, but he obeyed nevertheless.
Minho took a quick look around, saw the rest of SHINee going down the other side of the stage and hurried after his prey.

Once off the stage Minho pushed the boy to the wall. Taemin whimpered, but immediately got a grip of himself. He didn’t try to tease Minho on purpose but he didn’t have to be a genius to understand what got into his hyung.
The magnae leaned against the wall, put his hand into his pockets, pushed his pants down as far as the waistband let and slightly thrust his hips forward, revealing the smooth skin of his stomach and sharp hipbones.
Minho’s mouth went dry at the sight, as Taemin looked at him from under his wet bangs and slowly licked his upper lip.
A boy of his age isn’t supposed to know such things, isn’t supposed to be able to pull this out, but it’s not like he’s an ordinary boy.
He’s SHINee Taemin and it’s been years since he learned how to have people wrapped around his finger.
Minho stepped closer to him and crushed him into the wall, his leg sliding between Taemin’s with practiced ease.
“You don’t realize the danger you’re in,” he growled, grasping the younger’s shoulder firmly.
“What danger? Of being raped backstage?” magnae laughed breathlessly. “You seriously think, I’m gonna struggle? Well... maybe a little bit, just to tease you.”
Minho blinked. Once, twice. Seriously, that kid was too much.
He must’ve looked like an upset child because Taemin laughed, slid his hands around the rapper’s neck and moaned quietly as he rubbed himself against his thigh.
Minho gulped and struggled to breathe in; air just didn’t seem to enter his opened mouth.
Taemin came to the rescue (in his own way of course) and pulled his head down into the kiss.
Minho immediately snapped out of his ‘trance’ and devoured the younger’s mouth. Lips pressing, tongues clashing, battling for dominance, hot breath mixing... Minho didn’t even notice his own hands sliding down Taemin’s body and gripping his ass, pressing the slender body closer to his own.
Taemin’s hands blindly gripped the jacket Minho was wearing, eager to get the offending material off the other’s shoulders, so Minho had to let go of the magnae for a moment to let him slide the jacket off his hands, none of them cared about its further destiny as Minho grabbed Taemin’s hips again pressing him even more forcefully against the wall, and this all without breaking the liplock.

They still had to part for air, Minho licked a trail of saliva off Taemin’s chin and buried his face in the other’s neck just breathing deeply, taking in the salty smell of fresh sweat, the artificial smell of make-up, the faint smell of Taemin’s mango shampoo.
Taemin turned his head a bit to get the access to the rapper’s neck and started nipping at it gently. He closed his eyes and slowly slid his hands under the other’s T-shirt, drugging his nails up his back. Minho growled lowly and shivered at the sensation. He carefully gripped one of Taemin’s hands and made him take it away from under his clothes.
“No,” he grunted, warningly.
Taemin shrugged pretending to be not interested at all, and buried his fingers in Minho’s hair instead.
“It’s good your hair is long,” he mumbled, slender fingers gently playing with the locks at the back of Minho’s head. “It’s sexy.”
Minho gave a gentle lick to his neck.
“Hyung,” Taemin whined. “Hyung~”
Minho smiled into his neck and kept placing butterfly kisses on his dump skin.
Taemin whined again rubbing his body up against Minho’s. No matter how hard he tried, Minho still seemed to possess enough self-control not to lose the connection to reality. And Taemin wanted him to go wild; he wanted to reach the side of his soul he himself might not be aware of.
Maybe the place and the time were not appropriate, but it’s not like he gave a damn.
“Hyung,” he whispered hotly. “Hyung~, touch me~”

That was when the rest of the group just HAD to stumble upon them.

“Guys, we gotta go soon, let’s cha-… um, guys?” Jinki’s voice sounded surprised.
Taemin laughed into Minho’s neck, his grip tightened in the older’s hair as he did a wave rolling his body against the rapper’s, making sure to press their hips together.
Minho silently cursed.
He was not going to take this anymore.
Minho gripped Taemin’s shoulder, literary threw him into an empty dressing room, and slammed the door shut.
Jinki’s eyes widened, he turned to the other two as if hoping they could reassure him he had a hallucination.
“Give them 15 minutes,” Key said carelessly and turned away.
Jinki blinked. “Huh?”
Jonghyun laughed and patted the leader on the back.
“Kids have a tendency to grow… so grow up, hyung!”
He walked away with snickering Key in tow leaving the dumbfounded leader at the door.
(Though he had to come to his senses and run away as soon as a loud ‘thud!’ and a needy moan could be heard from the dressing-room. xD)


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